The Creature Conservancy is always looking to add to its group of dedicated, animal loving volunteers. Volunteers must be over 18.

We are currently looking for:

Morning Animal Feeder:  You must have animal experience, and this is hard work, indoors and out.  This position requires a once-weekly commitment, and current open slots are limited to weekends.  

Evening Animal Feeder: Feeding and cleaning for the nocturnal birds and mammals is done daily in the late afternoon/early evening. This position requires a once-weekly committment and slots are available every day. 

Maintainer of Facilities and Enclosures:  We like our creatures to have all the comforts of home--complete with as much of their natural habitat and enrichment features as we can provide.  If you are handy with a hammer, we need you!

Horticulturist:  We need someone to organize, maintain, propagate plants such as palms, bamboos and bananas for a walk-through tropical plant and animal display. We are also working to grow more of our own animal food to improve sustainability. 


If you are are over the age of 18* and interested in any of these opportunities, please contact us at staffing@thecreatureconservancy.org for an application.

*If you are younger than 18 but would like to get involved, please consider applying to our summer Teen Zoo Crew program!

Please contact us at staffing@thecreatureconservancy.org with any questions regarding volunteer opportunities.