Our Permits & Licenses


The Creature Conservancy complies with local, state and federal regulations, and holds current permits as required for management of our collection animals and implementation of our mission of Conservation Through Education. We are subject to regular inspection by the USDA and work hard to ensure compliance with all safety, permitting and exhibiting regulations. 

Federal permits: 

US Department of Agriculture

  • Class C Exhibitor's permit: This permit allows the public display of mammals.

US Fish and Wildlife

  • Special Purpose Possession - Live Migratory Birds For Educational Use Permit: This allows us to utilize animals like our vultures and bald eagle in educational programs.

  • Salvage Permit: This is the federal permit allowing possession of skins, feathers, and other educational biofacts.

  • Native Threatened Species Interstate Commerce- T Wildlife permit

  • Injurious Wildlife permit



State of Michigan permits:

Michigan Licensing & Regulatory Affairs

  • Summer Camp License

Michigan Department of Natural Resources

  • Permit to Hold Wildlife in Captivity

  • Scientific Collector’s Permit - Wildlife Division: This state level permit enables possession of animals, skins, and feathers for educational purposes.

  • Privately Owned Cervidae Registration; Class: Full: This permit enables legal possession of our muntjac deer and reindeer.

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