Credit: Miles Trealout

Credit: Miles Trealout


A private tour of The Creature Conservancy is the most interactive way to meet our animals. These tours can be taken by a single individual, a family group or any group of up to 6 people all over the age of 10.

These tours give you an up-close and personal chance to meet our animals, and may offer a seasonal chance to see animals that are not on public display.  A tour generally lasts about ninety minutes and includes opportunities to touch and feed some of the animals. 

Tours are by reservation only. The cost for a guided tour is $125 for two people. Each additional person (up to a maximum of 6 people) is $25.

To find out more about taking a tour at The Creature Conservancy, please read the FAQs below. Fill out the "Tour Guide" planner below to get started on reserving your tour slot.


When can I take a guided tour?  Tours are subject to staff availability, but given enough notice, they can generally be arranged at times that are convenient for you. Please fill out the "Tour Guide" planner below to get started! (Please note: weekend tours are usually scheduled for 3:45pm.)  

What will we get to see if we schedule a guided tour? You can expect to see many of the following species: 5 species of macaw, cougar, crested porcupines, giant tortoises, kangaroo, sloth, alligator snapping turtle, American alligators, binturong, warthogs, kookaburra and more. In addition, these animals are viewable in their outdoor enclosure: wild turkey, arctic foxes, cravens, black vultures, turkey vultures, muntjac, emu, Eurasian eagle owls, and peafowl.

What languages are tours available in? Staff are available to give tours in English, Spanish and French. Please contact us for availability and we will work with you to schedule a tour in your language of choice. 

Can we pick and choose the animals we get to see? We are happy to try to accommodate your choices, but for a variety of reasons, not all animals can be viewed at all times. 

Why can't I see certain animals? Some animals are occasionally off display because they are in a presentation in our classroom, or they are off site at an event.  Enclosure construction, breeding seasons, skin shedding, weather, enclosure cleaning and routine veterinary care are other reasons you may occasionally not be able to see expected animals.

Why the age requirements for tour participants? Tours are relatively long (90 minutes) and involve in-depth discussions of animal behavior and biology not suited to young attention spans.  Parents of children younger than 10 are asked to arrange alternative care. 

What is the cancellation policy? If you cancel more than three weeks before the date of the tour, you will receive a full refund. If you cancel within three weeks of the tour you will receive a 50% refund.