Featured animals

The following animals will be featured over the next 3 months. Each animal will be presented at 2:00 and 4:00 on our Stone Stage area during our weekend open hours. 

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Sloth month is coming up quick! Don't miss out on one of our most anticipated animal programs! Learn all about how these creatures survive upside down and why that's advantageous for them. This South American sloth is has many interesting adaptations to survive in the rainforest. 



November is Michigan Mammals Month! This month will be filled with a young opossum, skunk, cougar, and more! Don't miss out on an opportunity to learn about the the different critters you could find in your own backyard! 

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Sven the Reindeer is the featured animal during December! Learn all about the cool adaptations reindeers have to be able to live in harsh climates. Reindeer are unique for many different reasons, so come celebrate the Holiday season with us and learn all about these nomadic creatures.

While we do our best to stick to the schedule of featured animals and daily presentations, safety is always our priority for both our animals and our visitors. There may be days when last minute changes and accommodations have to be made due to unforseen circumstances. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee animal appearances, touching, or feeding opportunities.