Featured animals

The following animals will be featured over the next 3 months. Each animal will be presented at 2:00 and 4:00 on our Stone Stage area during our weekend open hours. 



Australia Month is on the way! Tulip, our Red Kangaroo, will be leading the Stone Stage programs. Some of our critters from down under will be making an appearance so that you can learn about how and why some animals have adapted to deal with the heat of the outback and have developed interesting defense mechanisms!



During the month of April, we will be having an exciting educational journey highlighting species native to South America. The Two-Toed Sloth will make an appearance at 2 pm and the Cougar will be featured on the Stone Stage at 4 pm. Come out to learn about some really cool critters that live in the rainforests and grasslands.



Come out in May to learn about the amazing Palawan Binturong! This is an elusive species endemic to the island of Palawan in the Philippines. Binturong Month will have other wonderful programs featuring critters with ties to Europe and Asia.

While we do our best to stick to the schedule of featured animals and daily presentations, safety is always our priority for both our animals and our visitors. There may be days when last minute changes and accommodations have to be made due to unforseen circumstances. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee animal appearances, touching, or feeding opportunities.